Getting to know our clients: Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)

March 22, 2024

In this, our first edition of learning more about our top clients, we delve into a culturally-rich working relationship with SPAB, and their goals of protecting ancient structures.

Firstly, who are SPAB and what do they represent?

SPAB is the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. Their vision insists that old buildings have a future part to play in our modern world. Whether it’s cottages, castles or cathedrals, SPAB is essentially the organisation that cares for them. They have years of experience, understanding and knowledge when it comes to the working of old buildings. 

What are their aims as a brand?

SPAB was first founded in 1877 by William Morris and was a necessary action to those Victorian architects who expressed concern when it came to the destruction and, in some cases, irreparable damage caused. A key aim is to encourage modern designers to consider new builds so they can co-exist and complement the still-standing ancient ones. With the new and the old quite literally standing next to one another, SPAB takes the time to train new generation architects and craftspeople to be more mindful when creating 21st century landscapes. SPAB also has an important voice and role as an advisor to local planning authorities.

How do we work with them?

Here at Cabbells, we endeavour to work closely with our client. We work not only with the editor, but with extended members, including the Communications Manager and any additional staff with whom we feel we can contribute in a positive way, to areas outside of just the magazine. It is of vital importance that we provide the highest quality design and editorial advice by talking with our client and building a relationship that forges trust. It is also important how we constantly monitor changes in print and mailing, and negotiate hard on their behalf to offer the most cost effective solutions for their requirements. As a result of this relationship, SPAB Magazine has been recognised with nominations at the Memcom Awards and PPA Awards.

How do we showcase their business from our end?

Where Cabbells’ input is concerned, we visually create what their product (a quarterly magazine) will look like to its readership. This is achieved through appearance, aesthetic, and actual written content on each page of every issue.

Why should you be interested in their output?

Because the preservation and protection of our history is important to future generations! Buildings forge a significant part in our lives and have a key role to play. Everyone should take an interest in the world around us and do their best to be aware of how we preserve the past.

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